Digital product designer focused on making business grow through design.


About me

My name is Fernando Báez, and I am a product designer with more than 9 years experience in the digital environment. After having led teams and projects in various agencies and multinational companies, it was time to start my own studio and start dedicating all my love to my clients and their projects.

I have also been an invited speaker at various universities and at many of the design schools in Madrid. I am currently teaching design at Neoland, a school located in downtown Madrid.

I’m absolutely passionate about designing challenging digital products, blending UX & visual design with business strategy to drive measurable results.

I have worked with great clients such as Playstation, Philips, Disney Pixar, Heineken, BBVA, Reebok, IE University, Audi (...) 

I love working with people, specially if we share the same passions. If you have a project, an event that you'd like me to speak at, or just want to say hello, I'd be happy to meet you!